A Death

A Death

In the shade, under the trees, in my garden of gloom;
I was enjoying a quiet solitary afternoon,
Accompanied by the wind and the flowers that bloomed
Among my lovely weeds that had grown too soon.

While getting acquainted with these elements I had found,
I heard from my porch a curious sound
Of nervous flapping of wings, and an eventual thud.
“A bird…it probably hit something”, I thought;
And rose, dropping my rose, and turned around.

From a distance, I saw the poor soul fight
To fly off the ground, flapping with all its might.
As I ran up to where it struggled, it seemed
For a moment that it would succeed;
And for a few seconds, it was indeed in flight.

My delight was short lived though,
For soon its wings ceased movement; I saw
It fall through the air and land beside my feet.
The bird was quiet, even as I carefully lifted it
From the ground; and that’s when I came to know,
That it was lifeless.


The Goddess of Love

The Goddess of Love

I was hastily aging, sitting next to you all alone

While you watched the magician perform ill-rehearsed tricks

To a spellbound audience of dumbfounded geeks.

Though bored by the familiar illusions; you looked on

Through those glittering eyes that twinkled and shone

Behind ambition-tinted specs with a blinding light.

(Only to be outdone, of course, by the bright emanating from your smile)

Years passed, yet the clocks insisted ‘twas only a while,

And I was all alone again, with you sitting next to me:

Once, glued to a pixelated window, praying to the powers that be;

That the replication of those electronic words and sounds

For once take an eternity (so I’d have you around).

Once, under the vapourous night sky, eighty feet high;

Listening to how you wanted to climb and fly and never look back.

Seconds passed but ah, the treacherous clocks – confound them!

This time their regime decreed hours had gone by.

Finally once, with each of us hallucinating, staring at our hypnotic devices;

A thousand miles in between (Technically not next to you, but I invoke poetic license),

Talking of hearts of stone, dreams, love and life and all else unseen;

You were, are and will be forever freer than a dove;

But for this poet of yours, the one and only Goddess of Love.